What is a public adjuster?
A public adjuster is a property claims professional, licensed by your state's Department of Banking and Insurance, who represents business and home owners with their property insurance claims.
How can a public adjuster help you?
A public adjuster is a professional, insurance policy expert trained to maximize settlements from insurance carriers by ensuring payment according to the policy's terms and conditions.  
Isn't the company adjuster there to help me?  
No, never!  The insurance company's adjuster is a highly trained professional whose goal is to keep company expenses down, potentially reducing your claim.  He/she is hired, trained, and paid by the insurance company.  In contrast, you hire a public adjuter to protect you and your interests, just as you hire a lawyer for representation in a court of law.
What are the costs involved?
There is no out-of-pocket expense.  A public adjuster works on a contingency fee based on the settled amount.  The fee is a percentage of the settlement determined by the type and size of the claim.  However, the cost of not using a public adjuster cannot be recuperated.  
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