Insurance claims come in many shapes and sizes.  Do not assume a loss may not need the attention of your insurance company.  The following are possible insurance claims:

* Fire
* Broken pipe
* Roof leak
* Tub or toilet overflow
* Hot water heater breaks
* Smoke damage from fires or heater backfires
* Fallen trees
* Lightning strikes
* Damage from ice or snow
* Shingles blown from the roof
* Air conditioning unit condensation
* Burglary involving sustained damage
* Frozen pipes
* Plumber access to broken pipes
* Sprinkler leaks
* Vandalism
* Vehicle crash into a house or building
* Wall collapse
* Washer overflow
* Damaged or missing siding
* Bleach or paint spilled on the carpet
* Burns or scorches
* Kitchen accidents
* Some structural damage

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